True Womance started as a small bureau for creative women writers and has evolved into a feminist cultural productions company. We produce texts, seminars, gatherings and filmed documentaries.

The True Womance Team

  • Andrea Berglund is part of True Womance as project manager, webmaster, writer and creator. Berglund has worked with feminism and gender questions for over ten years, mostly at a grassroots level and is part of the art collective Middagsbjudningen.
  • Malin Bornhöft contributes regularly in her profession as a language consultant.
  • Lisa Carlsson is a regular contributor to and one of the editors of TWTxT.
  • Katarina Rosengren Falk is an academic with a thesis in History of Ideas haunting her.
  • Johanna Theander is an accomplished and talented art critic and a member of the team since 2014.
  • Louise Vanerell is a masters of History. Currently working at Nationalmuseum. She is an experienced project manager and an inspired writer. Sometimes about music and sometimes tiny but highly creative fictional stories.


  • Jim Bridges brings his design talents to the team and makes sure that everything looks beautiful, always.
  • Tomas Gunnarsson 
  • Erik Hallgren develops and takes care of the website. He’s a freelance interaction designer and developer that strives to create meaningful experiences, he also makes games with Beardybird.
  • Mahoyo
  • Elin Molander is on the collaborator team as an advisor since 2015 mainly working with TWTV and the documentation of FFMM. She is a freelance illustrator, Art Director and creating games with Beardybird.


Email us at True Womance.