True Womance started as a small bureau for creative women writers and has evolved into a feminist cultural productions company. We produce texts, seminars, gatherings and some filmed material. We strive to create texts not dependant on being newsworthy, cultural content in another kind of temporality. Our main focus is our online cultural magazine TWTxT.


TWTxT is an online cultural magazine, run by True Womance. In our magazine you can find interviews with interesting feminist artists, thought provoking essays and reviews on inspiring cultural phenomena and events. The magazine is available for free, for now, and thanks to our other projects.
Very welcome to True Womance and TWTxT!

The True Womance Team

  • Katarina Rosengren Falk is an academic with a thesis in History of Ideas haunting her. She has, among other things, been the cultural editor at Feministiskt perspektiv. She is also a teacher and lecturer. Among other places Katarina has worked as a lecturer at Stockholm university (SU) and Södertörns högskola (SH) mostly with focus on gender studies.
  • Louise Vanerell is a masters of History. Currently working at Nationalmuseum. She is an experienced project manager and an inspired writer. Sometimes about music and sometimes tiny but highly creative fictional stories.
  • Andrea Berglund is part of True Womance as project manager, webmaster, writer and creator. Berglund has worked with feminism and gender questions for over ten years, mostly at a grassroots level and is part of the art collective Middagsbjudningen.
  • Lisa Carlsson Lisa Carlsson is head of our fashion department and contributes regurarly with portraits of amazing women. She is an outstanding writer and critic. Her debut novel will be published at Atlas Förlag in spring of 2017.
  • Johanna Theander is an accomplished and talented art critic and a member of the team since 2014.


  • Moderna Museet. In 2013 and 2014 True Womance produced the event FFMM, Feministisk Fredag at Moderna Museet.
  • Feministiskt perspektiv is an online feminist newspaper. Feministiskt perspektiv was part of the FFMM projects.
  • Mahoyo is a creative collective that participated in both FFMM-events.
  • Malin Bornhöft joined the team in 2015 and is currently working with our social media. Malin is also a highly accomplished language consultant.
  • Elin Molander is on the collaborator team as an advisor since 2015 mainly working with TWTV and the documentation of FFMM. She is a freelance illustrator, Art Director and creating games with Beardybird.
  • Erik Hallgren develops and takes care of the website when our web master, Andrea Berglund, is too busy with full time job at HiQ. He’s a freelance interaction designer and developer that strives to create meaningful experiences, he also makes games with Beardybird.
  • Jim Bridges brings his design talents to the team and makes sure that everything looks beautiful, always.
  • Tomas Gunnarsson is a collaborator in some of our projects. As a photographer, blogger, writer and feminist. Tomas is well known to many as Genusfotografen.


FFMM is short for Feministisk fredag at Moderna museet. True Womance have co produced FFMM twice. Once in Stockholm and the second time at Moderna museet Malmoe.


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