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FFMM happened again!

FFMM happened again!

Press release from 17 June 2014

From FFMM to all who were present at Moderna Museet Malmö on Friday 13 June – thank you! 

All participants should be mentioned by name, but the list is too long – THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Thank you to Moderna Museet Malmö for their cooperation. FFMM’s performance space was expanded dramatically.

Thank you to Annika Ström for giving us the honour of putting on the Swedish premier ofSeven Women Standing in the Way.Thanks to the seven women. Thanks to Mårten AndreassonAnnan Åkerman, Feministiskt perspektiv and the Gustav Vasa Church in Stockholm.

FFMM is working to abstract the desperation that we feel at present for the arts

Through our events we will ask questions such as: “Who has the right to take what, by whom?” and “Which bodies have access to which places?” We offer resistance to white, elitist and racial spaces, deconstructing the white, male genius, and criticise art’s constant undressing of the female body.

The money collected during the evening will go to people working with those who beg for money on the streets.

/Bahareh Razekh AhmadiAndrea BerglundMyNa DoPia DoKatarina Rosengren FalkMoira GanleyCharlotte Lindberg and Farah Yusuf, who are FFMM

PS FFMM chose to arrange Feminist Friday at Moderna Museet Malmö during the same weekend Nordiskt Forum took place. We made this decision in order to be able to offer anti-racist, inclusive and intersectional alternatives during a weekend which we thought would be deeply problematic. The criticism by NF clearly show that it was, and is, important and necessary to draw attention to the distance. DS