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True Womance Magazine and New Website in English!

True Womance Magazine and New Website in English!

TWTxT is from now on published in both English and Swedish. The English version was introduced when the new True Womance website was launched. True Womance web manager, Andrea Berglund, describes the process.

“Informative, user friendly and targeted are common things to talk about when it comes to websites. We developers talk about search engine optimization and accessibility, but more rarely about design as content and how and what we want the aesthetics of the site to communicate.

An order to a web bureau where the page is to be inspiered by punk, creamy pastries, tactile feeling, fabrics and a short film by Spike Jonze may not be the most ordinary of orders.

But it was just those words that Jim Bridges and Erik Hallgren that have created truewomance.com got from us. And it happened! And it turned out amazing!

As if Ramones, or maybe Bad Brains, met The Gentlewoman and put on a burlesque musical in The Royal Armoury. A vibrating, creative creation with one leg each in TWTxT and TWTV.

And now! Maturity. The articles being published in English! As if The Radical Cheerleaders started listening to jazz. Hooked up with partners in crime and decided that, now. Now, our friends, feminist cultural production will let go of all inhibations and spit snus on all diets.

We will have Princess Cake and pints for breakfast and for lunch? This tidbit of a web page that makes the mouthes of programmers as well as cultural feminists water.

At least, that is what we believe, the True Womance team, that proudly present our new web site to you – dear followers, friends, readers, lovers, collaborators, as well as recent viewers. All very welcome!”